Data Science Ghent

Data Science Ghent is part of the Data Science Community and organises meetup, trainings, hackathons, fun events and more. We were lucky enough to get the support of a few institutes and companies to help organise this hackathon.

Universiteit Gent

Universiteit Gent and more particularly, the astronomy department, helped shaping and creating the hackathon. Not only do we want a hackathon with the right level of challenge but the results and outcome should be scientifically relevant.


The people from Datatonic provided support in teaching participants how to work with Tensorflow and create a hackathon that is a perfect test case to show their skills.

Vlaamse supercomputer centrum

The flemish supercomputer center provides computational and technical support. This is a key component in creating a challenging hackathon where people can work without limiting themselves too much when it comes to processing time.

Akka Technologies

AKKA Belgium, engineering consulting company is the Belgian subsidiary of the AKKA Technologies Group. The AKKA Group has about 13.250 employees and is based in more than 25 countries. With more than 800 experts operating in Belgium, AKKA Belgium is today the n°1 on the Belgian industrial engineering consulting market. Since its creation in 1988, AKKA Belgium has been involved in large-scale industrial projects on behalf of major clients in Belgium’s main industrial sectors: Aeronautics, Railways, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Chemicals, Energy, Telecom, Multimedia Applications and many more. 

Volksterrenwacht Armand Pien

The institute is situated in the center of Ghent and focuses on providing guided tours, lectures, workshops and more to anyone who is interested in astronomy. Their site offers a nice overview of all the activities that they have planned.

A.I Brussels

Artificial Intelligence Brussels is meant to be a hub for people interested in Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to hold meetups, hackathons and other events, to discuss, share knowledge and possibly even spawn the creation of projects. It is supposed to be an all-inclusive group, welcoming non-experts and experts alike.